simple shui | why i believe in space clearing

when i started practicing shui, my changes were all cosmetic. i didn’t get transcendental cures or space clearing, so i avoided them. but curiosity eventually got the better of me, and i attempted my first space clearing. cleaned our home top to bottom. bought flowers + candles for every room. purchased sage. scheduled play dates for our daughters and asked my husband to give me a couple hours alone at home. i wrote down every intention i had for our lives. and i performed my first space clearing.

it was magic.

a couple weeks later, i was talking with a fitness instructor. she mentioned knowing the previous owners of our home. as our conversation rolled, she shared how unhappy they had been in the home – fighting constantly over money, kids, and everything else. after selling the house {to us}, they divorced.

my mind was blown.

while we luckily hadn’t divorced, our first year in this home remains the only time my husband and i have ever said the “D” word to each other.

and it became my own testimony of why space clearing is imperative. especially if you’ve never done it.

when we live in spaces, energetic debris happens. and when we move into places that have been previously occupied, we inherit the predecessors’ energy. we quite literally walk in the vibrational footprints of those before us, and our experiences have a sneaky way of mimicking whatever was left behind.

at first blush, space clearing can seem intimidating, overwhelming, and way too involved. and if you have any Type-A tendencies, like me, you might worry about getting the process right. the good news? there are as many practitioners as there are templates for space clearing. what i know now is there is no getting lost. your intention is everything. and if you can do nothing else i share about HOW to space clear, promise me you will open the windows often. the air outside is alive and electric with potent life force. by opening a window, we create a portal for this same wild grace to join us, allowing our space to enjoy a deep cleansing breath, exhaling negativity out.

now, i LOVE the power + effectiveness of a proper space clearing, but many situations can be handled without all the sage-y smoke. so for those ready to banish an energy strangler or two, here are 3 alternatives that are up to the task!

for nightmares: put a bowl of sea salt under the bed + toss it out the next morning. we repeat this until the dream’s energy has disappeared. salt is a universal cleanser, and it is powerfully effective for every type of energetic disturbance.

another option is fill a mason jar with baking soda. add in several drops of your favorite essential oils, if you’d like – we use lavender + rosemary. put a lid on it and shake well. strip the bed(s) – everything that is washable, pillows included, goes off to be laundered. sprinkle the baking soda mixture generously over the mattress and let it sit for at least an hour {i sometimes leave it for several hours}. when you are ready to vacuum up the mixture, visually section off the mattress into 4 quadrants. vacuum each quadrant in 3 different directions. not only does this ensure all the powder is removed, this deep cleanse draws out moisture + dirt + energetic mites.

for a full-strength cleanse: frankincense is a personal favorite for reinforcing protection + prayer. whether you burn its resin or spritz the essential oil through your house, “frank” beautifully penetrates the air and encourages intense energies to move along. buy some frankincense resin. you will also need a burn-safe dish + a charcoal briquette. light the charcoal, let it smolder until it’s glowing orange, and drop a few pieces of resin on it. set some new intentions for the space, acknowledging what you’ve done to mitigate the hiccups. walk around every room so the frankincense can waft into all 4 corners. start + finish at your front door. say a prayer of gratitude, and then extinguish the briquette.

for smudging without the smoke: if you LOVE the idea of smudging but your body doesn’t, Kirsty of indieloves.essentialoils shared with S/S a gorgeous blend made of frankincense + lemon + lavender. fill a glass spray bottle with filtered water, add 3 drops of each essential oil, and then walk around your house spritzing to cleanse as you would with traditional smudging. another option she recommends uses a diffuser – a fantastic way to banish stagnant energy and freshen a room. (she LOVES lemon for this cleanse.) make sure to use a diffuser that has a really good dispersion rate. both methods are a reassuring alternative to traditional smudging that are also smoke free.




p.s. if you want to learn more about cleansing + clearing, check out CREATING SACRED SPACE. i share different recipes for space clearings; discuss the properties familiar herbs + resins possess; and explore why creating sacred space matters. if you are eager for a reservoir of shui resources, check out the simple shui workbook bundle – it combines plenty KNOW HOW for turning your space into a clear channel for more opportunities + positive life shifts!


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