not seeing results? ask yourself these 3 Qs!

every Feng Shui remedy or adjustment — from primping your front door to hanging a crystal in the window — has three requirements of you. so, if you’re getting lukewarm results after your efforts, ask yourself these Qs:

(1) do i have absolute clarity about what i seek to accomplish? this is less about controlling the outcome, and more about being deliberately committed to the direction of your destination. (if not, look to your Fame area to clear up any clutter or *competing* messages.)

(2) when you get hunches about anything in your space — moving furniture around, painting a wall, or purging a closet — don’t question it or wait for validation. your house wants to help shui life your way, but you must heed its prompts. when you do, you’ll organize the energy around you so favorably, you begin to manifest your positive thoughts into form!

(3) after any adjustment / cure / remedy, call forth the things you’re inviting into your life. if you don’t say it, how can the Universe pay it? for my clients, i often encourage going into each gua and declaring their intentions for the energy on tap there. there are a few more ways we can *align* the energy, and those secrets i teach in my Group Consult. so, if you’re ready to uplevel your shui KNOW HOW, drop me a message NOW! the fall session starts in two weeks! xo

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