Q & A: any Feng Shui advice for a vaulted ceiling in the bedroom?

Q: “hi, Amanda! what is your advice for a vaulted ceiling in the bedroom, especially for someone who has trouble falling asleep?”

A: fabulous Q, love! a few suggestions:

(1) create an eye-line around the room by matching what you hang (art, etc.) with the same height of the door frame. this will separate “heaven and earth” – which is how we foster that *settling in* energy in vaulted ceiling spaces.

(2) Earthy tones and vibes are very grounding, so working with those will make a BIG difference, too. think: a bedroom rug, heavier furniture, art hung horizontally…

(3) use your lighting wisely – have at least one source of light direct downward so that the energy of the room gets the same messaging.

(4) you don’t need to go for a monochromatic look here, but make sure the room does have some darker hues threaded into it. this will help pull your energy inward and induce better sleep / rest / brain hush.

hope this helps – and feel free to send me before and after pics! xo

photo | @pinterest