Q & A: do you have any recommendations for must-have essential oils?

Q: “do you have any recommendations for “must-have” essential oils to diffuse? thank you!”

A: i LOVE a good list; i LOVE working with essential oils to influence well-being; and i LOVE sharing what oils are staples in our home. so, thank you for the Q and opportunity to splurge on all 3! here are a few i recommend: 

Vetiver carries tranquility in its notes. i LOVE the earthy scent, which is persuasively grounding. and having used it for alllll the anxieties over the years, i can tell you it is reassuring, calming and enduring. it pairs well with lavender or sandalwood.

Eucalyptus is often referred to as an oil of relationships – both with others and ourselves. its scent is a purifying and delightful mix of sweet and camphorous – an ideal remedy when our well-being requires a little TLC. and because it is so effective at clearing the air, i recommend using it to sanitize any energy lingering after an argument. it mixes well with lemongrass or cedarwood.

Lavender will always reign as the tranquil peace-maker, day or night. historically, it was used in smudging rituals, so i pivot to diffusing lavender often to keep energy from getting sticky. and i LOVE pairing it with wild orange or rosemary!

Rosemary is irrefutably clarifying, so it’s not a surprise it is known for re-establishing healthy energy and restoring well-being. (i often add a few drops to my dust cloths before cleaning!) in ancient times, it was relied on for driving away evil spirits. fast forward to now, it is an excellent energy bouncer when we need to clear the air and move ourselves (or others) forward. and if you want an energizing blend, try it with grapefruit or lime!

Bergamot is the oil of radical self-acceptance. its scent – an almost peppery orange – is uplifting and restorative. i find even one whiff bolsters my confidence and puts a smile on my face! it partners well with Geranium.

Frankincense is the oil of power, protection, purification and prayer. Frank is my personal favorite when a deep energetic clean is needed. there’s a saying that goes “when in doubt, use frankincense!”— and i whole-heartedly agree! its scent – equally piney and lemon-ish – beautifully penetrates the air and encourages intense energies to move along. it also is fabulous for shifting our mind (and busy spaces) away from frenzied energy into an earthy, lush calm. try blending it with geranium or grapefruit! xo