Q & A: “my partner and I each live in our own apartment…”

Q: “my partner and I each live in our own apartment. he also owns a house that currently has renters living in it, and we’re thinking about moving into it together when their lease is up. since it’s not my house, do you have any advice you’re willing to share that will help the house feel like mine, too?”


no. 1: before a single item of yours / his goes into the space, cleanse it energetically – and for this home’s first “clearing”, you want to open as many windows, fling open the cupboards and drawers, go into the closets and garage and any other tucked away spaces…

no. 2: after you cleanse, make sure you walk the space again, claiming your intentions OUT LOUD for both of you so that the energy is minty fresh and ready to support you fully!

no. 3: write your main intentions on the front door and then give it a fresh coat of paint. this way, every time you walk into the door, those intentions are walking in with you!

no. 4: if the house feels MEH at all, give the walls a fresh coat of paint.

no. 5: for 9 or 27 days (whichever resonates with you), ring the doorbell. bells represent our voices, so this is an economical way for you to claim (and reprogram) the space as yours, too.

no. 6: take a little cinnamon oil and dab a little in each of the four corners of the house. cinnamon is most notable for bringing money, wealth, and prosperity into our life. it also keeps unwanted energy out of the way, throws on the neon sign inviting spiritual allies our way, and improves the energy of any room it’s in – so, why not get things squared off this way from the start?

and for a few more ideas, head here! xo