10 ways to work with cinnamon

i am about to count the ways i LOVE cinnamon – as in, allll the ways i LOVE to work with it – because it’s a powerhouse at bringing money, wealth, and prosperity into our life. it also keeps unwanted energy out of the way, throws on the neon sign inviting spiritual allies our way, and improves the energy of any room it’s in!

so, buckle up, butter cup…here we go:

TIP ONE: use it at the front door to remove energetic blocks that prevent money (income and customers) from coming in. my standard RX: standing outside the front door (or office door), i put 3 pinches of it in my hand and blow it toward the door!

TIP TWO: give your “mouth of chi” some monthly TLC and dot it with cinnamon oil to woo and welcome prosperous opportunities your way! RX: i typically take a small makeup or paintbrush (a Q-tip could work in a pinch) and brush a little cinnamon oil on the door itself, making a little “8” sign.

TIP THREE: when clients are feeling insecure, i place a few cinnamon sticks or chunks near the front door – either in planters, under the front door mat or in the porch corners / nooks! RX alternative: add a little cinnamon oil to your broom and sweep here!

TIP FOUR: place a stick of cinnamon in your wallet with the intention of earning and accepting money easily.

TIP FIVE: place a cinnamon stick on various windowsills throughout your home to amplify your home’s energetic protection!

TIP SIX: burn cinnamon incense (or a stick!) in your bedroom to arouse passion. 

TIP SEVEN: after cleaning a room – this can be at home or your office – wipe down the 4 corners of your space with cinnamon oil and set some new intentions. (this is SOP in my home!) 

TIP EIGHT: combine the power of rosemary with cinnamon, and you have a mighty concoction for revving up your creativity and business moxie – as well as clearing up any mental chatter. 

TIP NINE: when i want to feel EXTRA flush with prosperity chi, i’ll sprinkle a little into my morning coffee – the smallest pinch does the trick! another favorite way to ingest a little of this magic: mulled wine! 

TIP TEN: and even though this last one has the look and feel of fall, i LOVE it any time of year because it plays all the right notes for money magic:

stoking a burner: check!

moving water: check!

a dash of cinnamon: check!

you’re feeling it now, right?

grab a pot, fill it (about 2/3) with water, place it on your stove, and turn the burner on. and then…

add orange slices (the *sweet* life), lemons (happiness), cranberries (abundance), cinnamon (prosperity) and cloves (a power punch of luck).

once simmering, you’ll drench the air with some homespun deliciousness and have the energy of wealth brewing for you! (if you want to keep this on all day, turn the heat low and replenish the water as it evaporates.) xo