Q & A: what Feng Shui advice would you suggest if someone has $10, $75, or $150 to spend?

Q: “what Feng Shui advice would you suggest if someone has the following amount to spend: $10, $75, or $150?”

A: $10: wander into a local grocer, and check out the fresh flower selection. there are often a variety of bouquets priced for less than $10. flowers aren’t waiting for someone who “deserves” them. they are there for whomever is willing to allow beauty in their lives.

decide what you’re comfortable spending, and simply go look. shui loves to play this game, so there is usually a bundle priced perfectly for you!

$75: the front door is where we entice auspicious energy into our homes. and to be clear, this is the architecturally-intended front door of a house. energy goes where the eye does so it’s worth the endeavor to make the entrance entrancing.

when an entryway is beautiful and benevolent, we invite promising possibilities into our homes. and with that kind of energy flowing through our space, it ripples out into our lives.

easy upgrades:

replace any burned out lights with brighter wattage.

wipe down the door and its hardware.

buy a new doormat, or shake out the one you currently use.

infuse the front path or porch with color and fragrance.

pathways are analogous to opportunities finding their way to us.

healthy plants or bright flowers elevate beauty and suggest good health. maintain both, and it’s a magnetic invitation to whatever you desire welcoming in your life.

hang a wind chime. when the wind blows, the pirouetting rods harness invisible and wildly good energy for you. and as the wind chime sings, it draws attention to the space, inviting more opportunities in your life. 

$150: when we leave the same stuff on our walls for years, we become numb to the feeling they once generated. and if walls lack that aliveness they once had, it’s affecting how you feel.

i suggest taking everything off the walls at least once a year, let the space breathe, and decide what you want to put back. and if your gallery is growing lackluster, how about a change? be gutsy. make a statement. say something controversial. rethink those first impressions. there is inexhaustible magic in the joy we feel seeing something new and different. and with a single glance, we radiate that positive energy around us. xo


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