Q & A: what if my front door opens to a basement door?

Q: “what if my front door opens to a basement door?”

A: energy goes where the eye goes, so the basement as your home’s “greeter” when you enter the house is a challenge. our work is to lift and direct energy into your house. otherwise, it naturally flows down the stairs and your upstairs suffers from a chronic energy drought.

there are a couple options for you to consider, and you don’t need to do all of them (and certainly not all at once). pick what feels most congruent with your stylistic preferences, and let the change take root. give your change time before you note what “comes of it.” after you’ve given the remedy you choose some breathing room, feel free to layer on another suggestion, if you like.

#1: paint the basement door the same color as the entry walls. also, paint the stairway walls and railings (and any paneling, if you have it) the same color – preferably all in a lighter hue. right now, your stairway likely has strong pull because it stands out (think of the rails like arrows pointing energy downstairs). by making the space all one color, you camouflage and counter that pull. and a lighter color – like off-white or cream – is less absorbent energetically than the typical wooden stair railing. 

#2: hang a convex mirror above the basement door. this is perfect for dispersing energy. placed here, a convex mirror “catches” incoming energy and “bounces” it back into the house. the mirror doesn’t need to be BIG to work – a small convex mirror will do the trick perfectly!

#3: install a crystal chandelier inside your front door entry (if room allows). this statement piece will do three things: one, crystals lift energy (YAY!), which keeps it from all tumbling downstairs. two, crystal chandeliers are compelling eye candy. and remember, energy follows the eye. three, crystals also reflect light around the room, guaranteeing some of that energy entering your home is sprinkled around upstairs! xo


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