ritual 01: the 9 plant method

earlier this month, @thrivewithtoni left me this note:

“it’s crazy how this works! i bought a jade plant two weeks ago and put it in our wealth area and within 24 hours, i came into quite a bit of money and a job opportunity!”

energy can be hella eloquent when we mindfully and deliberately “work” with it.


in the spirit of her win and a new series over here at Chez Shui, how about a remedy that sprouts wins just as generously? this also pairs well with any new idea, goal or ambition you might be planting!

it’s known as the “9 plant method.”

i recommend – for the freshest chi possible – you buy 9 new plants. size doesn’t matter, so work with what is feasible for your budget and agreeable in your space!

you will create a “path of chi” from the front door to the outside of your bedroom, using the plants as your local, friendly guideposts.

as you curate this path of vitality, imagine the energy of Wood showing up in your life. this energy feels like a creative high that comes when we’re productive, resourceful, and blasting past our own boundaries! remember, Wood is the element associated with Spring, so think of winter’s bare branches that are suddenly animated in fresh, green buds one morning. THAT is the energy you’re inviting into your space and life!

once your path is complete, keep the plants in place for 27 days – if one dies, replace it.

and if you want to amplify this remedy even more, group 3 plants together. place one grouping at / near your entry; another grouping in the kitchen; and the final grouping near your bedroom. anything in 3s can trigger change quickly, so be mindful of (and ready for!) the power you’re unleashing! xo