simple shui | 5 ways you can shui right now!

at least once a week, i enjoy the pleasure of following a client throughout their house. i LOVE peeking into their world. i LOVE absorbing how they interpret the space around them. and by the time the consult is done, i know the adjustments that’ll make their home smile. and if your house is smiling, guess who smiles back? YOU!

every client receives a detailed report outlining my recommended priorities and remedies. these reports are between 10 to 15 pages, depending on a client’s objectives and concerns. within them, i highlight Feng Shui considerations that – if prioritized – will absolutely enhance their home and empower their lives!

so, this week, i’m sharing a sneak peek of my own: 5 suggestions pulled straight from recent client reports. we have a home consult. an office consult. a creative space consult. and a new home consult.

pay attention to suggestions that resonate with you. our homes communicate intuitively. anything that inspires an “oooh” or “hmmm…” usually correlates with one of your goals or desired outcomes. follow its nudge! you’ll be surprised how it triggers opportunities you’ve been wishing and hoping and thinking and praying for…

and with that, let the peeking begin!

  1. “since your front door isn’t facing the street, you likely notice ‘getting opportunity to knock’ takes extra effort. use your porch to create a visual bread crumb trail that pulls the eye toward the door. you can accomplish this by simply turning on the porch lights for a few hours every day. pair this with a daily intention of calling what you want (opportunity + auspicious luck) your way. our subconscious looks for clues, like light. and light is immediately interpreted as safety, survival, and warmth – drawing us (and new energy) toward it.”


  1. “trim the foliage that covers the front window on the right side of the house. when landscaping blocks a window, it hampers our clarity. if foliage rests against the structure, it causes a smothering effect on the house and YOU. given its location (aligned with male head-of-household), it likely affects your husband’s outlook and energy most.”


  1. “add an area rug to your front room. this serves two purposes: (a) it defines the space, removing it from the transactional vibe of the front door. and, (b) it grounds the space, so any furniture you bring in will feel inviting and tempt guests to linger longer!”


  1. “the workspace has a highly yang personality. the dominance of WOOD and FIRE fuel constant growth and the need to be ‘on.’ this could eventually lead to burnout or boredom. so, as you make changes in your office, consider those that favor EARTH and WATER expressions. an elementally-sustainable space nourishes our nervous systems. and when our nervous systems are relaxed, our best selves flow out!”


  1. “sprinkle a few grains of sea salt around the periphery of your home. this creates an energetic dome. the sea salt anchors your awareness of this dome. this is not done for protection. it is a ritual for claiming the space as yours. also, think of it like a detour for any negative energy that might come your direction.” xo