Q & A: how do you feng shui during a new moon?

a month ago, a reader on Instagram asked me how to feng shui during a new moon. so, today’s Q & A covers shui enhancements that pair well during the new moon phase and any fresh beginning!

new moon housekeeping:

declutter/space clear/bless your house. this trifecta is tried-and-true feng shui during a new moon, so trust your intuition’s pull. what part of your space needs a little purging? be intentional while you clean, clear, and cleanse. new moons represent beginnings, so dedicate your effort to something you’re planting in your life. are you beginning a new habit? are you ready to show up differently for yourself? do you want to feel more empowered in your life? clarify. clean. commit. and then commune with the cosmos!

turn your houseplants and outside potted greenery around so their other sides receive sunlight. remember, energy moves from yin to yang with light of the moon. this simple spin invigorates your ‘green’ chi buddies!

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new moon feng shui:

use the silver box remedy as manifestation fuel! need a quick recap? go to your helpful people area. this spot tunes us into the right people + perfect timing. you will need a silver box (it doesn’t matter if you simply cover a shoe box with aluminum foil). on a piece of paper using red ink, write a few lines of gratitude about your desired outcome AS IF it’s happened. put the request in the box, and keep this box in the helpful people area. now, play cool and leave it alone. forces will collaborate and orchestrate marvelously on your behalf. (side note: this cure is always in rotation here because of how well it works!)

have a quartz crystal point? place it on top of your written goals or near visual motivators to amplify their energy and expedite their fruition.

refresh the sea salt in your wallet. salt draws energy to it, and wallet energy is money mojo. just make sure you give your wallet a quick purge. remove receipts, maxed out credit cards, crumpled money + loose change, and any other clutter. this clears away any barriers to the good green getting to you!

“borrow” some of the new moon’s growing energy! how? plot your intentions with a vision board. you’ll turn the shui WAY up using the feng shui bagua to organize your board. when you’re done, place a quartz crystal near your board to accentuate its energy!


new moon + you:

any changes you make to improve chi around your house will work 1000% better if you cultivate your own energy. this is simple. get an extra hour of shut-eye. drink more water. meditate for 10 minutes a day. go on a complaining fast. bottom line: protect the asset, and your shui will shimmy and shine! show up as best as you can, and the shui won’t let you down, babe town! xo