simple shui | 9 ways to take space clearing to a whole new YOU!

“space clearing versus burning sage – is there a difference?”

i LOVE this question, and the short answer is YES.

space clearing is an intentional energetic deep cleaning, dislodging external energies. these include what we pick up in the world, media mayhem, conversations gone sideways, gossip + criticisms + arguments, obsessive worrying, shame, previous owners + tenants + other people’s imprints…

no house is immune, and everyone has energetic dust bunnies.

sage is earth medicine that helps + heals + transmutes the narrative around us.

and when the two come together, magic + miracles are guaranteed.

so, to really get unwanted energy out of your space, we have to clean first.

i know, cleaning is such a drag. think about it, though. WHAT MAKES IT A DRAG?

it is exhausting. there is usually something else we’d rather be doing. it demands patience and requires brutal decision-making – what stays or goes? and if something stays, WHERE DOES IT GO?

what often trends instead is a sincere desire to do something different, a willingness to buy + burn some sage, and then a strong expression of confusion around why nothing changed.

the energy we are trying to clear/transform/restore resides with what REMAINS untouched and depletes what the sage does.

so, the sage is working. it always works. the problem resides in the clutter, dust, assortment of untouched things, boxes of postponed decisions, and our resistance to physically cleaning + clearing our space.

because all of that also knows what it’s doing and diminishes our effort to clear the air. and when we sage without sprucing, it has potential to amplify whatever energy lingers.

space clearing isn’t required every time we want to sage – but if you are getting lukewarm results or it seems nothing significant changes after lighting up, clean first. and then incorporate these insider tips + techniques that will absolutely leave you and your house with a gorgeous afterglow!

1.      power down your devices to power up your cosmic connection.
2.      corners collect energy, so rub your hands together to create an electromagnetic charge and start clapping the corners of every room. if that feels too abrasive, ring a bell; shake a rattle; or use a singing bowl. bottom line: loosen up the energy first, sage second.
3.      don’t skip the closets, garage, storage nooks. if it’s part of your square footage, it’s part of the home’s DNA. if this is your space’s first clearing, open the cupboards + drawers, too.
4.      after clapping + agitating the energy, rinse your hands and arms to eliminate any clinging negativity.

5.      take a few minutes to center yourself. set an intention. call forth unconditional love and assistance from the spirit realm. when space clearing, source energy instead of depleting your own.
6.      when you feel calm and ready, go to your front door and ask permission to proceed. once you sense YES, light the sage and circle your space in a clockwise direction, wafting the smoke in all corners of each room.
7.      once you’ve saged, extinguish the burning leaves or smudge stick in water. rinse your hands and arms again.

8.      follow the path again with palo santo or sweetgrass – on this walk-through, set new intentions and it’ll infuse your space with vibrant vibes!
9.      finally – and this is really important – make an offering to your space. splurge on fresh flowers, buy/find something new for your altar, or place a full bowl of fresh fruit on the table (keep it in the fridge until after the space clearing). a *sweet conclusion* acknowledges the spiritual realm for their help; gifts your house some TLC; and expresses gratitude for all the good things coming your way.


p.s. if you want to learn more about cleansing + clearing, check out CREATING SACRED SPACE. i share different recipes for space clearings; discuss the properties familiar herbs + resins possess; and explore why creating sacred space matters. if you are eager for a reservoir of shui resources, check out the simple shui workbook bundle – it combines plenty KNOW HOW for turning your space into a clear channel for more opportunities + positive life shifts! and for all of you who have purchased them already,  THANK YOU! your presence is undeniable and keeps me inspired + surrounded by a goldmine of gratitude!