simple shui | how to make an entrance

play up the entry of a home, and we experience the world in a whole new way. thresholds blur the boundary between the outside world and our inner sanctuary, making this passageway a powerful influence in how we feel every day. and as an extension of our living space, the entry is a first chance to deliver a good impression; it’s the ideal space for welcoming fanfare; and it’s a home’s signature way of pulling us into its embrace. so, if the foyer could use some tending, here are a few ideas to bring yours into full bloom:


MAKE AN ENTRANCE. shui fancies the front door like a metaphorical mouth – it is where energetic nourishment (opportunity and prosperity) enters a home. ideally, we want our door to work as beautifully as it looks. so, if you’re having a hard time getting a handle on a situation, check the door knob and keep it in good repair. if the door sticks, it suggests we might be feeling stuck professionally – get handy and loosen it up. if the door doesn’t open fully, consider where you might be experiencing personal limitations and clear some space. these are seemingly simple sensibilities, but they are the details that make a real difference!


COME ON IN. a front doormat and entry rug serve several purposes. they evoke cheer and beauty; rugs offer a gentle invitation to wipe feet; and they lead the way into our home. even better – this space is perfect for drawing out our personality. layer a smaller, textured doormat onto a larger, flatter one if your porch is wide enough. if you prefer a no-shoe policy, keep a floor tray nearby and go for a plush rug that insists sinking into its comfort. the floor not only dissolves the outside as we step inside, it is an easy detail that confidently refreshes space!


CLEAR THE CONGESTION. never underestimate the power of a clean entry. open space is a well-noted and much appreciated detail. place a basket or tray out for capturing loose ends – keys, sunglasses, or anything that might need to be returned to guests. a simple bench or airy hall closet offers refuge for coats and purses. as for any other surface within sight and reach, keep it clear from clutter. when an entry is both attractive and functional, it reveals a hunch of the scenery ahead.


PICK UP AN ACCENT. good taste is simple – and one beautiful thing in the entry will cast your space under a spell. the eye prowls for beauty, so find something that connects you to love. maybe it’s the kids’ artwork; perhaps there’s a vacation souvenir that sparks conversation; or it’s a can’t-miss chandelier that emanates lovely light everywhere. whatever we choose, if we love it, the message is we belong to this place – and that is a promising mood lifter!


GLOW ALL OUT. light is a multi-tasker. it transmits a clear broadcast, allowing a preview of what is going on around us. light perpetuates safety and comfort. and light spills its energy everywhere, making it an excellent greeter for any entry. consider its phenomenal cast of characters – porch lights and lanterns; lamps and chandeliers; candles and twinkling lights; and of course, mirrors and reflective metallic surfaces. with those kind of options, we can’t help but find ourselves in luminous company! with a little effort and a few well-punctuated items, an entry becomes rich with possibility for changing our life’s scenery. xo