simple shui tip: bagua your yard

in my online 6-week course (and certification program!), we talk about land chi (a lot!) because the energy that surrounds your home as well as the land your home lives on holds mighty influence over the chi quality inside your home. so, while we LOVE to busy ourselves with the shui inside, it equally matters to tend to its external chi as well.

one way to do that is we apply the Feng Shui map to our property.


standing at the curb of your property – looking at your house – line up the bottom of the map (Wisdom / Self-Cultivation, Career, and Helpful People) at the street curb. looking at your property from the curb, the far back left-hand corner of your property is Wealth and the far back right-hand corner is Love.

you can now shui your yard according to the bagua principles, so here are a few quick ideas (feel free to let the muses join the fun!) to get your own creative genius on the dance floor:

Wisdom / Self-Cultivation: a statue or rock garden

Family / New Beginnings: an herb garden

Wealth / Prosperity: a bird feeder, wind chime or a butterfly bush (to attract the butterflies)

Fame / Reputation: the color red (pink and orange work well here, too!), or anything fiery, like a fire pit or twinkly lights

Love / Relationships: seating for two

Children / Creativity: yard games

Helpful People / Travel: suggest “Heaven on Earth” with a circle within the square decor

Career / Life Journey: create beds that have a flow-y feel to them; incorporate swirling patterns into any textiles (seating) that might reside here; or have a water feature here

Health: this is usually where the house resides in the property, so make sure its shui is shipshape! xo