simple shui tip: serenade good things your way!

metal wind chimes are a commonly employed Feng Shui enhancement – often worked with when money is on the mind.


metal is symbolic of coins, and the hollow rods “pool” that abundant energy of wind where they “live.”

so, here are a few ways you might introduce one to your space:

TIP ONE: hang a wind chime near your front door, and let it *serenade* prosperity into your life. keep some plants around the door, too, and this “power couple” will pool and hold onto abundance that blows your way!

TIP TWO: want people “singing your praises”? hang a wind chime in your outside Fame area. (standing at the curb and looking at your property or house, imagine a tic-tac-toe board over your property. the back middle square is Fame. if you practice compass shui, Fame is located in the south area of your property / home).

TIP THREE: if you feel like your life needs a full-tilt chi *revival*, hang a wind chime at every corner of your house outside.

it’s no secret that wind chimes are one of my favorite “tools” to work with – which is why you’ll hear even more about them in my *Become Your Own Feng Shui Consultant* course. so, if you’re curious to learn more tips and tricks for shui-ing your home and life, this course is absolutely for YOU!