the most common road block in Feng Shui…

the most common road block clients and readers encounter in shui is not their clutter (are you surprised?) or the lack of resources to invest in shui (whether it’s money for a consultation or finding the time to implement a remedy).

it is the resistance (that insatiable need for *logic*) to believing that something so simple can work so significantly well.


shui works. and the change it creates usually falls in our favor so precisely, it feels like we’ve played with a little pixie dust.

one day we’ll be able to accurately measure the energy in our living spaces, and people will finally hear that *unseen* conversation that’s been happening around them their entire lives. and eventually, we will speak about our homes’ frequencies as fluently as we do WiFi! but for now, we have to take care of spaces like we already know this!

so as you scroll and learn more about shui, try this:

treat yourself to this glorious act of discovery, one room at a time.

incorporate your intentions into the daily rituals.

seek out what inspires you and stitch it into your surroundings.

notice how the small acts of magic infuse your power.

celebrate the wins.

let shui romance you into a good vibe state of mind.

and make every effort to do a little shui-something weekly.

because as you refresh your home’s chi, you renew your energy, and you become your own power source – and that is a force of good for us all! xo