the one ritual i’ve been doing all year…

in my book, i dedicated several prompts to the center of your home – because it deserves to be well-cared for terrain. why?

  • it is the one space – when you consult the bagua – that touches / influences all 8 life areas. this influence also means it affects everyone in the house equally.
  • this area gives your entire home as well as any shui efforts an extra boost. 
  • the center is akin to our center – and when it feels calm and collected, we are able to handle what comes our way.

one of the ways i “ground” this space is with the element Earth. Earth is the element most at home in the center – its presence is stabilizing and comforting. if you’ve been watching SHUI TIME, you know that Fire “nourishes” Earth. because of this, i have kept candles in the center of our home for years.

turns out, this year the element Fire is more important than usual here.  

typically – and certainly on the socials – i don’t discuss the branch of Feng Shui known as Flying Stars. however, a few of my clients prefer it, so i’m familiar with its yearly transitions and list of enhancers + remedies.

in 2020, one of the afflicted stars resides in the middle of the house – and its ruling element is Metal. so, to mitigate this affliction energy, one of the elements we work with is Fire because Fire melts Metal

which brings us to the one ritual i am practicing all year. . .

every morning, i light the three candles in the center of our home with intention. 

simple, straightforward, and smart shui! 

want to put this ritual into practice, too? all you need is a candle (you don’t need 3!) in the most center part of your house and the willingness to light it once a day. and as you do, know that you are burning through that star’s negative Metal energy!



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