ways to shui when your LOVE life needs help!

when your relationship is facing challenges, a good place to shui is the LOVE / RELATIONSHIPS area. so, if this is YOU, here are a few ways to *build* some much needed support:

anchor something heavy in this space (remember, this can be the LOVE / RELATIONSHIP area of a room, the house, or your property). think of how an anchor keeps a boat from being tossed about, and you get the metaphor in play here.

during any relationship strains, keep the trash and laundry baskets out of this space – otherwise, the metaphor in motion is “tossing” or “throwing out” that energy.

add a pair of rose quartz crystals here – these have an affinity for solid, secure partnerships. before placing them, hold them so they can radiate your energy and intentions here.

light candles to spark or “rekindle” feelings that could use a loving nudge. go for fiery (candle) colors to really light things on ‘fire’!

spritz essential oils, like ylang ylang or myrrh, in the air to enhance Earth energy.

remove anything broken; piles of work that need to be done; incomplete projects; nostalgia from old flames; or any item that suggests solitary energy (photo of one person on vacation, a singular lamp, etc.). and clear any clutter here, especially under the bed and in the bedside table!

finally, you can soak up Earth energy by walking outside or standing in the grass barefoot at least 5 minutes a day (until the situation resolves). xo

finally, the natural element here is RECEPTIVE EARTH – which is why natural, muted colors are encouraged here. while yellows, browns, and muted neutral tones all enhance common sense, know that too much of this spectrum will bring existing feelings (apprehensions, fear, nervousness, guilt) to the surface. play around with some of FIRE’s colors to feed EARTH, without letting the neutrals make things too serious and conservative! or mix things up with pink lightbulbs (fire), pops of cream (metal), flowy patterns (water), or fresh flowers (wood), and the elemental charisma will bring plenty of va-va-voom back to your LOVE life! xo


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