why your surroundings matter (so much)!

if you’ve been around simple shui for even a minute, you know i often say the practice of shui can soften the turbulence; help us move through the challenges more elegantly; and discern the wisdom and lessons meant for us so we don’t labor in them.

but here is something even more important about what you do right now:

shui fertilizes the soil you will be growing in later. so, every small gesture you make toward your home / every tip you choose to incorporate – it helps today and tomorrow. shui influences the decisions you make right now — because every change we make in our surroundings influences our decisions. and those decisions are the path to tomorrow, right? and as subtle as it seems, decisions build our momentum and determine our trajectory.

studies prove over and over (and over) again the little things – like a made bed, a clean desk, an open window – give us the biggest boost of happy available. so, don’t underestimate this BIG power within your reach every single day! xo

(quote from Badass Habits / Jen Sincero‘s latest book)