Simple Shui


I am Amanda and putting the affairs of a house in order is my genius.
I consult clients on everything from organization to intentional communication.
So… what’s Simple Shui? It’s a blend of ingredients for living a GOOD life.

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“When I decided to move my studio from my home to a store front, I felt overwhelmed by not only the amount of things I needed to fit into a much smaller space but also about how to decorate my new space in a way that was both functional and beautiful. I was rescued from the mountain that stood before me by Amanda. I loved the chance to brainstorm with Amanda and come up with the perfect solutions for my needs. Amanda was extremely professional, efficient, and helpful when it came to organizing, purging, and creating systems.”


“I have always been intrigued by shui. I would read some things on it, but never really followed through. Amanda explains it in a way that makes me want to run out and change everything in all my spaces. Her words make it very current and relevant. What I love about her ability is that I see how it connects with absolutely everything…how we are in our space and how our space in us is POWERFUL.”


“When I think of Amanda’s words, I get giddy.  She awakens me to the extraordinary beauty available to me in my own mad life.  I feel like I’m lying in a boho silk kimono hearing a crystal chandelier being tickled by warm summer breezes after viewing her spirit infused photography.  That’s no small feat because I live in the tundra. Amanda is a champion of something my soul craves a daily dose of: loveliness.”


“Amanda teaches the power of creating a sacred space and her techniques are very easy to understand and put into practice. I never realized that physical clutter equals mental clutter until I began working with Amanda. Now, each morning, I have a ritual of bringing positive energy into my home. AND.IT.WORKS.”


“I feel creative, inspired and motivated when I interact with Amanda – like I get lots of gifts. She has an air of rich beauty that surrounds her, and high energy…the air crackles around her. She has an ability to make advice sweet and actionable – everything she offered me was tangible and something I could run with right away.”


“As one of her clients, I feel like Amanda is always LISTENING to what I am saying. I don’t actually ever recall needing to repeat or clarify what I was trying to share, because she was listening. Genuinely. With both ears. And both eyes. And with her heart. Her genuine ability to not only hear what is being said, but to listen and absorb messages is something I respect.”

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