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February 9, 2012

wandering the streets of madrid in november,

i discovered a small passageway…

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and nestled way back in there is a chocolateria.

but it is no ordinary chocolateria, my friends.

oh no.

this is the world famous — established in 1894 — open until 7 a.m. — no menus needed

kind of place.

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and it goes by the lovely roll-off-your-tongue name:

chocolateria san gines.

where warm chocolate and fresh churros await.

the chocolate is a bittersweet brew of thick, dark, dipping heaven.

and the only way to enjoy it is if you happen upon it while you are in madrid.


i have a box.

that i am gifting as my first giveaway.

oh, do you even know what an exquisite pick-me-up this chocolate is?

for a chance to win? leave a comment below, over on facebook, or send me a message…a winner will be chosen at random tomorrow!

and, remember, we have 28 more gifts to go…

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3 thoughts on “gift one

  1. What a cute little find!! Love seeing peeks of your trip. And you know I’d love some chocolate. I promise not to spill it on my white couch this time if I get it! 🙂

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