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August 22, 2011

1st Day of Preschool Aug 2005 (3)

Here it is again. The end of August and back to school go all the littles. Into the caring + capable hands of a teacher who will {fingers crossed} guide + influence + inspire them to become alive with all the great potential they embody. It is a marvelous process, you know. Learning something new. Making connections from previous knowledge. And forming different ways of thinking based on new impressions.

Somehow, though, we have it in our minds that once we "finish" school, we are done with all that learning. Oh sure, there is that fascinating series on the telly discussing an unfamiliar concept. And, of course, the must-read book that unquestionably leaves you changed forever.


Do they make you come alive enough? Are you challenged so deeply something in you pivots? Are you inspired beyond your "good enough" comfort zone? And have you recently experienced the thrill of achieving something you thought impossible?


3rd grade August 2011 (14)

I relish the exposure to unforeseen words + ideas + dreams, feeling fresh with new perspective. It reminds me to stay open, understanding, and invigorated by the world. And it is by experience that I believe dreams flourish best in the presence of a teacher.


In the spirit of back-to-school, my posts this week are dedicated to my tribe of teachers who have been shepherds along my journey. Women who are shifting paradigms, kicking asphalt, and being recognized as undeniable forces of nature. A few I know personally. The others? We've exchanged emails. But no matter how deep my relationships run, I promise you this. All of them have been mindfully handpicked.


Any one of them can sherpa you to a life much bigger + bolder + better than you are presently dreaming for yourself.

In other words: don't miss out.

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