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October 12, 2017


they are all around you – especially in your home – and they are rather revealing about what is happening in your life right now.

this is why i am unflinching about shui not being something you choose to do; if you have stuff + space, shui is happening all around you.

and because environmental metaphor is an uncomplicated way to use your voice in a complicated world, it’s like having a marquee declare your intentions.

here’s how it works:

  1. your house is the narrator, so what does each thing say to you?
  2. you are the observer, so what are your first impressions?
  3. if you feel aligned with what your things say about you, revisit this exercise when you are ready to change or improve something in your life. if you aren’t swept off your feet with what’s happening around you, it’s time to play with some better metaphors.
  4. what do you desire in your life? find something that matches that idea or goal, and give it good geography. now, here’s the magic rub: every time you are in its vicinity, your subconscious is reminded of your intentions. and what you think about, you bring about. so, shui is about giving your house a piece of your mind now so it brings you peace of mind later!

and because a little visual inspo can make all the difference when you’re first improvising, here is a look inside a few metaphors at play in our home:

with so much to digest on the daily, simplicity is the only way to begin and end my day. work + demands + noise live elsewhere. what we see when we wake up and before we go to bed is sacred space – it bookends everything else in our lives. so, for me, nothing excessive or burdensome is allowed here. as for the prints, there are two – the number that nourishes relationship energy. and the feathers? they remind me help is always in the wings, and they send me into the world trusting my own wings work, too.


rose quartz + Buddha + orchids + hahahha equals love, life, laughter. we like to keep all 3 on steady tap around here.


ghandi once said, “our contribution to the progress of the world must consist in setting our own house in order.” this evokes all the amens from me. i don’t think world peace is lurking around the corner, but i do believe there is proof of its possibility in ordinary moments every day. so this metaphor reminds me to not seek all the answers, but rather remain open to what i don’t know – the possibilities, the potential, and the purpose of being here on the planet right now.


one of the things i LOVE most in our home is the representation of voices that hold space on our shelves and in our conversations. we are all voracious readers, but important books deserve prominence. all the validation i will ever need came home with a lovely the other day. “we watched a TED talk in class, and our teacher asked if we knew the speaker. i raised my hand and said her books are all over our house.” yes, chimamanda rules around here along with an entire palette of voices and opinions for progress and peace.


finally, you know my LOVE for rituals – they are the thread and needle of my day. every morning, i light 9 red candles + set my intentions + light some palo santo + pull daily inspo before writing. all of it weighty in meaning. the metaphor here, though, is the hand – it nudges me to ask for cosmic help and reminds me the source of spirit is unlimited.


ideally, we want to look around us at any given moment and say “this house is SO me/us.” there is always an invitation to hit the refresh button in the spaces we live and work, so whenever you feel the call to plant new intentions and rally cosmic support, find a metaphor you LOVE and let it live with you!


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