simple shui | how do i space clear?

June 25, 2014

homes are gracious gathering spots. they have this enormous ability to feed our happiness and well-being. yet, despite our best efforts, they sometimes get pockets of sticky + unwanted energetic residue. so, whenever you or your home feel like some fresh energy, a quick space clearing will usher those lingering low vibes out — leaving open space for healthy, vibrant energy to flourish and flow.

in today’s video, i give you a quick 5-step process you can do anytime you desire some high-flying energy. you will need a few things before you get started:

(1) sage {use loose sage, a bundled sage stick, or a white sage incense stick} + a lighter/match.

(2) a bouquet of fresh flowers + vase.

(3) a tea light candle.

(4) a sweet treat or festive meal.

space clearing is a beautiful ritual that can be observed as often as you like. pair it with your intention and happy, loving energy will deposit itself throughout your home.


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