10 things i know for sure about clutter

no. 1: if there is zero room for physical growth, there’s no room for personal growth.

no. 2: prosperity (money, opportunities, +/or the instincts to follow them) comes with moving energy. energy needs pockets of empty/open space to literally and figuratively move around. if you have clutter, it is sabotaging whatever refreshments (hope, possibility, invitation for change) come your way. 

no. 3: the closer we are to something, the bigger its influence. so even if we shui and set mighty solid intentions, our work is compromised by the clutter we tolerate.

no. 4: open space creates room for changes to take place. it also gives the eyes a place to rest, which is like a mental hot shower. you need both to stay the course when you’re co-creating the life of your dreams!

no. 5: everything is energy. regardless of value or others’ opinions, if you do not appreciate something, it is depositing that feeling and energy into your space. so often, we end up compromising our happiness by holding onto and living energetically with things we do not LOVE.

no. 6: clearing clutter is a logical and foolproof step to accomplishing our goals because it actually requires more energy to ignore and not deal with our clutter. (psst… this is also why you are SO exhausted thinking about it. it’s been taking its toll for awhile.)

no. 7: we hold onto things we think we might need/want later, but in fact, they are saying something different. allow me to translate your clutter:  “i don’t have the time or energy.” want to level up and be more productive? eliminate THOSE conversations as much as possible by making the time and giving it a little of your energy.

no. 8: what remains after you purge the space needs to be given a “home.” just like you know where your bed is or where your kids are, your things need their own space. once you’ve given something a space, return it to its “home” whenever you use it. belongings BELONG somewhere.

no. 9: don’t wait until a new year, a full moon, Mercury retrograde, or the spring cleaning season to get started. small efforts every day are effectively better than an overhaul that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stymied. 

no. 10: clutter will fight to be right, so beware and know it comes down to this: there is a difference between an emotional bond to something and emotional bondage because of something. so, get rid of anything not worth missing! xo


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