12 ways to help your house *breathe*

my yoga teachers (over the years) would often say “if you’re not breathing, you’re not practicing yoga.” translation: If you’re holding your breath to hold a pose, that’s not really yoga. the same thing holds true in Feng Shui. if your house isn’t *breathing,* you’re not practicing shui. so, here are 12 ways to give your space the breath it needs to really take your efforts the distance:

use the front door.

open the windows, even if for only a couple minutes once a week.

clear a cluttered area, and leave a few spaces empty intentionally – fill them with expectancy instead. (20% is a good goal!)

keep things, like your plants, dust free. while you’re at it, check those other commonly overlooked areas: the tops of frames + artwork + doorways + shelves + books; the corners of rooms; windowsills. . .

have living things – like flowers, fresh foods, or pets – around you. (psst: if your green chi buddies have died, compost or throw them out!)

tidy up the coffee table, counters and any other flat surfaces energy doesn’t get *congested.*

devise a reason to use the extra room or forgotten space. (you can start by simply turning on the lights or playing music in these spots!)

get things off the floor, including anything shoved under your bed. (if you must use this space as storage, let the soft stuff – bedding, clothing, etc. – *live* here.

break up any walls and shelves that are crammed full.

adopt the “if you take it out, put it back.” rule / ritual.

if you have a narrow (constricting) hallway through your house, open it up by hanging a mirror or landscape art.

diffuse eucalyptus. this essential oil is equally refreshing as it is effective at clearing the air – and that breath of fresh air translates metaphorically by invoking fresh energy (perspectives, opportunities, +/or relief) to almost any situation. a new favorite of mine? @aromatherapyassociates’s Breathe blend! xo