3 ways to boost your productivity!

a couple weeks ago, i taught a workshop for a software company – and their requested topic: productivity hacks.

i shared a story about it on Instagram, and someone asked, “can’t you share some hints to this?”

so, here are a few ideas for you, too!

TIP ONE: tend to your front door.

what if some of what you’re trying to “make happen” in your life right now didn’t need to be chased, hustled, or manifested quite so much?

what if, instead, you could appeal to and invite those opportunities your way?

the front door has that power of persuasion, and i’ve got a few tips here to get you started!

the productivity hack: when your door “calls” chi (opportunities, refreshments, possibilities) your way 24/7, you won’t spend as much of your energy “hustling it home.” so, think of it like putting your best foot forward and being ready for the opportunities that come your way.

TIP TWO: move 27 things.

shui loves the number ‘3’ – it’s heaven, earth, human; it’s the holy trinity; it is health, wealth and prosperity. and when you multiply 3 three times, you amp that energy potential – and that’s how we land on 27.

by moving things around, we disrupt tired energy patterns in our home. you know, thinking the same thoughts, living the same habits, having the same experience, maybe not feeling so productive – repeat.

one of my favorite ways of understanding this comes from Wayne Dyer – he said, if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

so your home is totally up for this one! don’t know where to start? i have a few ideas for YOU here.

the productivity hack: moving things around literally infuses your home with freshy fresh energy, which means you are seeing things differently, including solutions, inspiration, possibilities.

TIP THREE: yang it up!

Yang here refers to energized, active, bold chi, so when we apply that vigor to our office, we give the space its own vitality. think: bright colors, happy sounds (music, laughter) and a pleasing balance of spatial and people energy.

when our working space is more Yin (slow or still, settled, quiet) due to décor, dim lighting or a messy desk, Yang energy gets suppressed which squelches our health and relationships. and when Yang chi is really out of balance, opportunities and success feel more out of reach. so, weave a few things into your space that deliver a buzz with a single glance.

the productivity hack: your energy can get a “lift” from your surroundings – if you’re deliberate and intentional about your space – instead of you needing to manufacture that on your own every day! xo