simple shui tip: move 27 things!

whenever we move things, we disrupt tired energy patterns in our home. you know, thinking the same thoughts, living the same habits, having the same experience – repeat.


whenever life starts feeling stale, move 27 around.

don’t know where to start? i have a few ideas for YOU!

turn your vertically lined books to horizontal stacks

swap around drawers – linens, silverware, files in the desk

rearrange the kitchen cupboards

switch up the refrigerator shelves

push furniture an inch to the left or right (or completely into another room!)

switch lamps out to different rooms

move the chairs around your table

put everything dropped by the door back in its space

color-code your closet (or bookshelves!)

fold your towels a new way

organize the spice drawer / shelf

hang the dog leash somewhere that reminds you to take her for a walk

shake out the front door mat

edit the book pile by your bed

move your phone charger out of the bedroom

change the bulbs in a light to a brighter watt

flip a table arrangement so everything on the left is now on the right, and the right is now a lefty

move art on the walls around

turn all the shoes in your closet so they face one direction — with the toes facing out

dress the table with a linen-cloth and make mealtime a little more fancy

bring a few candles that normally sit somewhere unlit into a room where you’ll light them

take everything off your desk, wipe it down, and put everything back (ahhh!)

switch out your bed linens or add a different quilt to the foot of the bed

move an entire room around and try it out for a week

move the fridge magnets around

put something different in front of a mirror so that it doubles something new in your life

sharpen your pencils

give the dog bed a hearty shake and fluff / rotate the cat condo

turn the plants around so the other side soaks up the sun

flip the rugs, mattress, or couch cushions!

why 27 items, you ask? the short answer—it’s a shui thing. twenty-seven is [a multiple of] the number 9, the number representing power, manifestation, and completion. bonus: you don’t need to add or buy anything.

and if you want to kick this energy hack up a notch, try getting rid of 27 things. and if clearing clutter feels challenging, it’s a clue this endeavor is sure to bring something entirely new into your reality — because BIG resistance is a signal the gain is even better! xo

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