3 ways to enhance your Career gua

if you’re ready for a professional change, a career move, or a new job…

if you’d like to welcome more ease in your job…

if you’re going through a difficult challenge and don’t want to lose your sense of self…

here are a few ways to ‘beauty mark’ the energies available in Career / Life Journey gua*:

add a potted succulent or jade plant here – these LOVE holding onto water and are known for attracting good fortune and prosperity.

suggest “being in the flow” by bringing in water expressions. a water fountain, fish tank, bird bath, watercolors or fresh flowers in a vase all introduce water beautifully. imagery — like the print above from @juniperprintshop in an entry styled by @christinaackermaninteriors — would replenish those energies like a charm!

keep energy moving smoothly here by (1) minimizing the amount of stuff stored here, and (2) adding light.

*standing at your front door looking into your home, imagine your space divided into a tic-tac-toe board. standing at your front door looking into the house, the Career gua is the very front middle square (BTB shui). if you prefer Compass shui, the Career gua is in the North. xo


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