6 ways to attract more abundance!

abundance is a popular dame around here – people always want to know the shui to woo her attention over to their table. so, how about 6 ways to drum up a conversation and posture yourself for her arrival?

keep your purse off the floor. balance your accounts regularly – repetition diminishes helplessness. create a ritual around paying bills. what we appreciate appreciates, so don’t underestimate these money moves because of their simplicity.

look for proofs of abundance. name 9 positive things you see from where you are sitting right now. and when something is offered to you, don’t interrupt this flow of abundance – whether it’s a compliment, a gesture, or some cheddah!

and since we all LOVE a little metaphorical magic, especially because it is so effective at blasting through our energy blocks, work with one of the following wealth symbols:

acorns signify potential because a wee acorn becomes a giant oak tree. gather a few outside or find some at a craft store and paint them gold.

ships on calm waters represent prosperity and smooth sailing. rough waters +/or battleships don’t denote quite the same vibe, so choose accordingly.

Lakshmi – the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity – is perfect in spaces for female empowerment and financial autonomy. she is often regaled in opulence, so if you choose to incorporate her into your space, consider adding fresh flowers nearby regularly or draping her with jewelry of your own.

a Tree of Life made from gemstones amplifies wealth and attracts abundance. so, if this resonates, place the tree with the intention that you are open, willing, and ready to welcome in financial abundance in all areas your life.

knowing there is enough often begins with knowing we are enough, so acknowledge and appreciate what you DO have; what you HAVE accomplished; and revel in the gifts of right NOW because when we look for the good, that’s where our attention goes. and abundance will follow your lead, making you her darling!

(and if you’re loving this Tree of Life, i have a little treat for YOU! use code amandagibbypeters20 over @karmaandluck for some savings – how’s that for abundance activated?) xo


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