6 ways to have fun with shui!

while rummaging through a stack of yesteryear planners, i snagged some daily prompts (thanks, @shopbando) that make for fun shui suggestions. and in the spirit of delivering BIG smiles and energetic high fives as you start your weekend, here are my favorites:

*buy a disco ball.* pleasepleaseplease do! but if you can’t, hang a Swarovski crystal in a window so it can sparkle in the sun, scattering light like a disco ball. light changes energy in an instant, and it feels like a jolt of va-va to the voom!

*try a new lipstick color.* i am especially fond of bright red lipstick. with a kaleidoscope of options, there is a hue ready to rekindle your spark in a snap. so, strut a new shade of daring pink lippy or find another feverish color to brighten your smile. what i know for sure is once you take the spectrum plunge, your mood will marvel!

*donate those clothes you’ll never wear.* if the clothes don’t fit or you’re hoping to fit into them again someday, give them away. you deserve to live in the glorious potency of right now.

*perfect a family recipe.* the kitchen is synonymous with wealth. why? the universe perceives us abundant when we feed and feast with others. and prosperity and luck find that arrangement mighty attractive. i can already hear the wolf whistles. even better? any good-spirited gathering kicks low vibe tail out of your space. bottom line: happy faces equal happy spaces.

*add some plants to your décor.* plants and flowers do all sorts of fancy talking in a home, improving the quality of our well-being and harnessing ultra-replenishing energy. and when they are well taken care of, plants are the gift that keeps on giving. so, grow a green thumb and go for it!

*play the drums.* sound shepherds perky energy into our space and keeps it from wandering away. so, whether you put the playlist on repeat; hum while busting through those ordinary chores; or play those bongos – just because you can – good energy will follow the beat in her feet right to you! xo

📸 @hannah_lagom as seen on @apartmenttherapy


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