9 ways to *liven* your spaces up…

our interior worlds – especially at the office – often consist of hard edges, straight lines and so much hi-tech. over time, those left unchecked can have a straining and draining effect on our well-being. the counterbalance? mama nature. she has all the right curves; she’s supple; she gives us textured surfaces; and she’s delivering those beautiful imperfections.

so, if you want to “soften” your environment with her, try any one of these:

incorporate plants – especially in those work spaces. they have the flex to induce positive feelings, lower blood pressure and reduce concentration-induced fatigue. we call that a triple win!

play with swirling prints – and you’ll encourages healthy chi movement.

infuse the space with the sounds or scents of nature – both an omnipresent form of auspicious chi!

cultivate a view outside – either framed by a window or through the lens of a photograph.

bring in natural elements – and local materials get you BONUS points!

invite non-rhythmic movement into your space – a few ideas include giving yourself a view of the clouds, letting the shadows linger and lace the wall, having your pets lounge nearby, or even bringing in a bundle of flowers!

keep water nearby – i mean, who couldn’t use a little extra hydration these days!

weave in a palette of colors to bring a rejoicing balance into your furnishings and surroundings.

and/ or…

dapple different lighting options throughout your space. dimmers or twinkling lights, candles or lamps, sunlight or mirrored light, crystals or chandeliers – any combination of radiance here will do the trick nicely! xo


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