9 ways to shui on International Women’s Day!

i am over at dba today, virtually celebrating International Women’s Day! they’re hosting a retreat for their employees, and i was invited to lead 1:1 rapid-fire shui seshes! to say i am excited to share the shui and empower the team is an understatement!


in the spirit of celebrating alllll the ladies today, today’s post is brimming with 9 ways you can empower yourself – or any woman in your life – right from home! 

to kick this party off right, let’s talk about the “best” zones to do this:

starting outside…

the left side of a home (if you’re standing at the curb and looking at your front door) is known as White Tiger. White Tiger represents feminine energy, so this space is super receptive to any dose of divineness. i often invite clients to consider adding a goddess or feminine statue here. this area also responds well to white flowers or white flowering plants; a birdbath or birdfeeder (birds represent wind, and wind represents our voices being carried / heard); or a simple prune up (if you have a yard). bottom line: any TLC here fertilizes your ability to howl with confidence, own your choices FULLY and unabashedly love yourself!

before heading inside, take a quick look at your front door. is it wooing energy your way? if there is room for “irresistibility” improvement, move that up the priority list. maybe add swag to your entry – a gorgeous wreath knows how to cast a spell!


focus on adding a little color! incorporate it with a doormat, some bright pottery, or even a new coat of paint! if you LOVE the idea of a little rouge for the door, choose a color that looks good on you. style the door the way you would style yourself, and the world will smile right back at you, beautiful! 

once inside…

LOVE up on the LOVE / RELATIONSHIP area. this is the far back right-hand corner of your home (standing at your front door, looking into your house). if you practice compass shui, this is your Southwest corner. some simple gestures: clear any clutter, dust the plants (they clear the air for you, so make sure they’re breathing easily!), and/or create pockets of open space. take this a step further by indulging in fabrics you LOVE (if the space is available for that upgrade); add some rose quartz (a fabulous crystal if you don’t realize or honor your full potential); or a couple candles to rekindle your own spark!

to keep the bubbles flowing, here are a few charming chi enhancers that LOVE the ladies:

while the front door is fresh on our minds, add a bell (or a strand of bellsto yours. why? bells send your energy OUT into the world with every jingle! so, use the front door to welcome new energy in, and trust the bells to hustle some honey home to you!

Mother Earth embodies life and helps us feel supported, safe and cradled. Earth energy is also both metaphor and invitation for the Universe to have our backs. you can bring her loveliness in with any depiction of vastness– a landscape, a horizon, or a view that encourages a deep, satisfying inhale and exhale! 

alternatively, you could go BIG with some bling! add a crystal chandelier somewhere in your house. these bring lots of luck to the lady of the house, and its sparkle will have abundance sashaying your way.

rosemary plants are associated with female financial independence, so get your herb on! inside or out, this plant is all about boss lady energy! keep a grouping of 4 plants, and you’ll have Wealth energy percolating, too! (this tip comes straight from my first shui mentor and friend, Ellen Whitehurst – be sure to give the ladies who’ve helped you along the way a deep bow and BIG LOVE, too.)

invite Lakshmi into your home. i LOVE adding her to spaces as a nod to female empowerment and financial autonomy. Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity, and she is often regaled in opulence. if you choose to incorporate her into your space, consider adding fresh flowers nearby regularly or draping her with jewelry of your own. 


LOVE your wallet and purse! not only do these symbolize your financial potential and prowess, they also speak to that financial freedom we all LOVE. give yours a good purge and cleaning. keep the bills in your wallet facing the same direction. if you have any foreign currency, put it in your wallet, too! and before you snap that wallet shut, add a pinch of salt to draw money your way. and then, please please please keep your purse off the floor. your wealth deserves respect!


buy fresh flowers. this is the splurge that coos rhapsodically “i am worth it!” i’ve used this shui for years, and i PROMISE it’s worth the wiggle room in your budget. once the flowers begin wilting, throw them out. repeat. (you’re welcome, in advance!)

and when you aren’t sure which bundle to grab, consider this: pink roses represent love. red gladiolas motivate. sunflowers and yellow daisies bring happiness. blue hydrangeas suggest relaxation. purple orchids signify spirituality. orange marigolds inspire. white calla lilies purify. chrysanthemums create good luck and balance. (psst…buy some bloomies today, m’kay?)

to all the beautiful women in the world reading this…

and to all the radiant women in your lives…

i celebrate us all! xo


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