a little simple shui for every day…

think of Feng Shui like planting a garden. if you genuinely care for the garden’s livelihood…

you’ll carefully pick a spot that receives the perfect amount of sun required for your blooms and plants.

you’ll ensure they’re watered consistently for their needs.

if the elements become too harsh – like a winter freeze – you’ll do your best to protect them.

there will be regular fertilizing, pruning, weeding and replacing a few things here and there.


all your efforts will pay off as the garden grows, matures and blossoms beyond your delight.

turns out…

we aren’t much different.

our homes are the soil we grow in – and they have the potential to nourish all our necessary needs so we flourish with success and happiness.

we require light (positive thinking) and water (a steady flow of energy and opportunities) to keep us growing.

when things happen that are beyond our control, our environments (with a little tweaking) offer protection from the worst of it.

and because life is always changing, we evolve, too – which means sometimes we need to zhuzh things up (chi fertilizer).

other times, we have to push up our sleeves and prune (clean and cleanse) our surroundings.


with a little focus every day, we’ll nurture hyper potent magic in our lives right from home.

that’s the entire point of my book, Simple Shui for Every Day.

there are 365 prompts – dispensed as daily motivation filled with tools, guidance, encouragement and plenty of LOVE – that have the KNOW HOW to make a BIG difference in your home and life right away. no previous experience or understanding of shui required either!


if you are even a little curious how your house can help you feel your best this year, this could be the book for you in 2022! xo


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