A Time for Change

            "Only by accepting our desires can we have an idea of who we are." –Paulo Coelho

I was talking to one of my dearest friends last night about finding authenticity and passion in our lives, and I mentioned that sometimes when we deny who we are for too long, we need to excavate those forgotten dreams and desires. "Funny thing, " she said. She had recently remembered how much she LOVED to sketch brides and bridesmaids as a child, spending hours doodling. It had been so long since she had recalled this, much less drawn anything. She was contemplating taking an art course after she finished a few other "To Do's" on her list, and I asked her, "Why wait?"

Art Supplies (1)

Ask yourself the same thing right now…ask yourself the same thing every day. What are you waiting for? Is there someone you know you should be or something you long to do? What is holding you back? We usually are quite brilliant when it comes to finding excuses and lousy when it comes to execution.

There is real change occurring in our country today, and I welcome it as an opportunity for each of us to forge new paths in our own lives. This is not a call for drastic measures… rather, this is the time to begin gently living anew so that our tomorrows are enormously extraordinary. That way, you really are giving hope a chance.