do something nice for your home!

how often do you do something nice for your home? are you consistent with your gestures? think of your home as a family member. instead of assuming it is there just for you, realize YOU ARE PART OF ITS LIFE, too. chances are high our homes will outlive us, so make the time you spend in yours count. whenever we love our homes, that energy is reciprocated back in truly transformational ways.

so, here’s what i want you to do: give yours a little TLC weekly. for me, the gesture is flowers. i buy so many flowers. if we time travelled back to my shui beginning and what i did to turn the tide for us, it was buy flowers. sure, it felt indulgent and ridiculous to spend money we really didn’t have. but instead of breaking us, our lives up-leveled completely.

it wasn’t instantaneous or overnight, but eventually a $5 bouquet became a $15 bundle. and soon enough that $15 dollar bundle turned into 2 bundles — comfortably. flowers worked their way even into small spaces, just to catch our eye and delight us! and now, that initial “treat yo’self bouquet o’blooms” has blossomed into several vases of thriving, pretty chi throughout our home every single week.

your turn: what’s something *nice* you can do for your house once a week until the end of the year? xo