don’t put these house repairs off!

i often tell my clients and students that shui is a lifestyle, not a TO DO list.


there are a few things in a home i believe warrant a prompt response, so let me share them with you, too!

TIP ONE: fix leaks of any kind. water equals finances, so dripping faucets or leaky plumbing suggest money is “leaking” away.

TIP TWO: squeaks of any kind. from hinges to floorboards to stairs, squeaking metaphorically represents constant complaining and ambivalence. a squeaky hinge indicates people in the home are fighting, and a squeaky floor or stair often signals insecurity. WD-40 and a little elbow grease seem a simple solution for a more harmonious home, yes?

TIP THREE: anything broken – especially stove burners, windows, and pathways. a stove represents prosperity and abundance. if left unused or broken, money woes may appear. keep your stove and oven clean. if you use all the burners regularly, you stimulate all your prosperity options, which means….

if you’re only using a few, you could be limiting access and resources for abundance.

TIP FOUR: windows represent the “eyes” of a home. symbolically, they also represent our own in”sight.” keep them clean and in good repair. and if you aren’t sure that you’re seeing a situation clearly, clean the windows. it very well could provide you a new perspective or help you suddenly gather more details about it.

TIP FIVE: pathways are analogous to opportunities finding their way to us. if the path to your front door isn’t well-maintained, favorable circumstances might not be making it to you. maintain all the pathways leading to your home, and you give chi (luck, opportunities, the “right” people / timing) a clear and inviting passage directly to you!

there’s so much more to know and learn in my course “Become Your Own Feng Shui Consultant*, so if this has you taking note, check it out! xo