fashion shui 101

i was chatting with @erinwalshstyle about the overlap between shui and style – and there is just so much there to feast your hungry eyes on, i thought it would be fun to *reel*y show you one way these two worlds merge.

the 5 elements (which you know i adore!) are like a spice cabinet. they each have their own unique profile of energy flavors to offer and serve you, but color is usually the gateway to learning to work with them. so, how does that have anything to do with getting dressed?

watch and learn:

if you’re wanting to steep yourself in restorative, reflective, insightful or dreamy energy, that’s so WATER. water is noted in black, dark blue and any inky hues (you know, those colors that look like they have a drop of black swirled into them).

if you’re wanting to sprout more courageous, visionary, productive or creative energy, that’s so WOOD. wood is in full blossom with the color green and green-blues!

if you’d like to radiate joy or brilliance and if expansion or feeling dynamic is what you’re after, that’s so FIRE. fire parades itself in red and all those fabulous fiery colors, like hot pink!

if you’re craving that sense of being grounded, refreshed, supported or nourished, that’s so EARTH! earth communicates herself in yellows and other natural hues.

and if you’re seeking discerning, refined, selective or confident energy, that’s so METAL. metal shines in white, colors mixed with whites (hello, greys and pastels!) and any metallic tones.

so, how do you actually use this?

well, next time you’re getting dressed, ask yourself: what energy do i need to bring with me today? or even, what energy do i want to give off? and then reach for the mood-boosting color that will have you best dressed for that success!

and if you’re wanting to learn WAY more about these elements and your closet, the place to be is my *Become Your Own Feng Shui Consultant* course! xo