Gratitude Begets Attitude

Whatever book you pick up to improve any aspect of your life (think: self-help, feng shui, power of intention, natural health), they all share a common dictum : GRATITUDE. Now, I know how challenging it can be to feel grateful when we dislike any part of our current reality. I mean, the catalyst behind reading any improvement book is because we are unhappy at some personal level.

Here's what you need to know: You are energy. Energy follows thoughts. Thoughts create your reality. You with me so far? When we choose to focus on what we want or do not have, we simply attract more of the same thing. Shift your focus to gratitude and appreciation for ALL that you do have. Breath. Freedom. Opportunity. Belief. Whatever it is you have in this very moment, give thanks. And as you cultivate this gratitude for your own abundance and blessings, your attitude will shift. Energy follows thought. Joyful energy will simply attract more…JOY!

Bowl of fruit

Begin a gratitude journal, start and end each day with specific thanks, or learn to say "Thank You" 100 times throughout the day. However you express gratitude, trust that your heart will open and the energy will follow. Gratitude really does beget your attitude!