here’s why i LOVE oranges!

if you’ve done even one New Year’s Eve with Simple Shui, you know i LOVE me a bowlful of oranges! did you know i LOVE having oranges on hand throughout the year for a few other shui reasons, too? they’re multi-purpose. their generosity is felt immediately, and oranges are such a HAPPY color! 

before we talk rituals and remedies, though, let’s discuss why this obsession over an orange. everything i’ve been taught and read comes down to this:

the orange looks like the sun, plump full of Yang energy.

the orange is a symbol of abundance, happiness, and good health!

finally, during the Chinese New Year, it is custom to eat oranges (or satsumas) after dinner because it invites the sweet life and luck into the year ahead. 

who doesn’t want that joie de vivre in their life, right? so, here are 3 ways to keep this energy ‘zested’ throughout your home all year long:

need to lift your spirit, balance out your chi, or heal your soul? 

take 9 oranges and cut a quarter-size of rind from each one. add the rinds to a hot bath along with 1 cup of Epsom or sea salt. let the orange rinds and salt stew for 10 minutes before slipping into the tub. once you’ve submerged, relax for 20 minutes. the salt soaks up negative energy, while the essence from the orange rinds steeps your soul in its positive energy. * 

the orange rinds may be used in a couple more baths before their elixir is gone, making it the perfect reason to stockpile a few baths this week! and if you feel really depleted right now (which, hello!, who doesn’t?), consider using new oranges more frequently.

need to clear heavy energy right out of the air?

purchase one fresh orange for this cleanse. you will also need a spray bottle filled with distilled water.

sitting quietly and without a knife, peel nine small, round sections of the rind off your orange. while peeling, think of what you would like to release / clear from your space. place the rinds in the bottle. 

beginning at your front door and working clockwise, spray this citrus essence everywhere. visualize light flooding your space while you set new intentions. the essence will rejuvenate you and your space, and clear any stagnant energy. 

this bright elixir is a negativity disinfectant, so anytime the low notes start crooning, walk around your home and liberally spritz them away.

need a little extra protection / collection?

as we round into the holiday season, it is not uncommon to see an orange covered decoratively in cloves. this is known as a pomander. once upon a time, this fragrant ball of fruit was used / relied upon to protect against infections and disease. it’s also one reason the orange became a symbol of good health and luck!

its partner in health – cloves – are believed to bring protection and money luck. combine the two, and you are sure to attract some positive energy. so, this season – and maybe all year long – consider keeping a pomander or two close by. 

*this citrusy soak was shared with me by my very first Feng Shui mentor, Ellen Whitehurst.



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