how to choose a color for your front door!

when choosing a color for the front door, here are 3 suggestions i recommend for picking the “right” one:

choose a color you LOVE. this choice always wins first place in my book. when you LOVE it, that is the energy equivalent of what you are attracting. honestly, i don’t know how you out-do that. say it with me: YOU LOVE, YOU WIN!

not sure what you LOVE? go for a color that looks good on you, babe! style the door how you would style yourself.

still not sure? be bold and pick a hue that stands out from the rest of your house. energy follows the eye, and nothing says “hello, honey!” quite like a flashy door!

and if you can’t paint OR that’s a commitment level you’re uncomfortable with right now, add color with fresh bloomies or punchy front door swag (like this wreath!) xo


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