i’ve got 5 questions about your home…

i think of shui as the ultimate in self-hospitality, where the design of our home is more about living a life that encourages feeling good instead of living one that simply looks good. and for me, living my best life has everything to do with LOVE!

our space and belongings influence who we are – consistently impressing our thoughts, feelings, moods and behaviors – all of which lead to our decisions and outcomes. this is precisely why environmental affirmation – the orchestration of what is happening all around us – is often mirrored in our life experiences.


look around your house. what are your things expressing?

imagine every possession you own having a voice. what do your things have to say? how does that conversation make you feel?

are your intentions noticeable in the room? this is why visual metaphors are a quick on-ramp to making our goals and dreams operational. they tell us what we want to hear, remind us to stay focused, and give us that loving nudge we often need.

do you have at least one thing in every room you LOVE? when you walk into your home, what do you LOVE seeing? again, it only takes one personal item we LOVE in each room to hold its high quality energy in place and influence that pattern to take shape in our lives.

what is one thing you can move around to give LOVE better visibility in your space? if our space lacks environmental reminders of what we desire making happen or who we’re working on becoming, the likelihood is we’ll stay put. nothing changes if we don’t make changes.

so, here’s the invitation:

wake up your house with the presence of what you want from life. it’ll dictate the energy you steep yourself in and sharpen your senses for the opportunities to make those aspirations inevitable! xo

(and for my bookworms out there, this quote comes from his book “The Storyteller” – i HIGHLY recommend it! what a FABULOUS read for creatives and anyone craving some highly entertaining inspiration and motivation toward a more extraordinary life!)