keep these 6 rituals in play…

when i am working with a client who has hit the wall – and is ready to throw in the shui towel – i remind them the beginner’s basics are so much more powerful than they appear. so, when you know nothing else to do, return to the basics. because the pixie dust, the magical POOF, the snap-and-voila!? it speaks this language fluently, and it is where we are guaranteed momentum and spark.

on that note, here are 6 rituals i refer to consistently when it feels like the Midas touch is gone:

TIP ONE: keep something beautiful in every room. beauty elevates a space, and energy goes where the eye goes. our eyes prowl for beauty, and when we find some, our delight unleashes a flurry of good vibes all around us.

TIP TWO: enchant the entrance. think of it as a first impression. that is exactly what our front door offers, so it is well worth the effort to make the entrance entrancing. wipe down the door. buy a new door mat. replace burned out light bulbs. liven it up with something fresh and colorful, like a potted evergreen or a blooming wreath. when the door feels inviting, our chi appeal attracts promising possibilities and opportunities into our lives.

TIP THREE: sweep the porch (and often.) when we sweep our porch, we do the most magical thing ever – we use the front door. that seemingly simple effort, combined with our own vibes, whips up the ingredients for irrepressible good luck.

TIP FOUR: make your bed every morning. it seems a simple enough task, right? so often, however, we overlook it and immediately hustle into the daily grind. consider it an opportunity to experience the first success of every day. (which means, let the kids make their own beds, too!) when we make our beds, we create order from chaos. and this energy carries us into the day and its expectations.

TIP FIVE: get fresh. buy fresh flowers or a potted plant. YOU are the reason to buy them. when we have living things in our space, they literally breathe life. and that little exchange curates a natural vitality around our home.

TIP SIX: move 27 things. the number ‘27’ stands on the mountain top and says BIG CHANGE IS COMING! don’t overthink this – let your creativity take the wheel. 27 changes – no matter how small – will swirl slumped energy into frisky fun!