Q & A: any tips on a less intense cleansing method?

Q: “i just burned it and wafted white sage through my whole home with all doors and windows open, but i wasn’t prepared for how heavy the smoke is. i’d welcome any tips on a less intense cleansing method!”

A: many people find incense / smoke cleansing too cloying, so here are a few of my favorite non-smoky rituals:

no 1: shake a rattle and you’ll agitate unwanted energies loose so they don’t get too “attached” or hang around your space. once a day is all it takes to break up any congested chi! 

no. 2: you know i LOVE salt – the original crystal. leave a bowl of salt out for 24 hours whenever something “off” is in the air. at the 24 hour mark, either toss it in the dirt (and cover it up) or in the trash outside. repeat as necessary!

no. 3: if you LOVE the idea of smoke-clearing but your body doesn’t, make an EO blend with frankincense, lemon and lavender. fill a glass spray bottle with filtered water, add 3 drops of each essential oil, and then walk around your house spritzing to cleanse as you would with a smoke cleansing.

no. 4: peel nine small round sections of the rind off an orange, place the rinds in the bottle and fill with distilled water. beginning at your front door and working clockwise, spray this citrus essence everywhere and you’ll clear any stagnant energy and feel a mini rejuvenation!

no. 5: eucalyptus is the mother of clearing and cleaning the air, which means it brings fresh energy (perspectives, opportunities, +/or relief) to almost any situation. even better? it creates a gentle boundary without “constraining” anyone else.

two ways to work with it: put a few drops (you might want to add a carrier oil first, if your skin is sensitive) in your palms, rub them together, and cup your palms loosely over your nose and mouth and breathe deeply. repeat during the day, if necessary. and if you have a spray bottle, add distilled water with several drops of eucalyptus essential oil, shake it up and spritz those low notes away.

when it comes to keeping the energy upright in your spaces, remember this: maintenance here is everything! get on the regular with any of these, and you will find it makes a BIG difference to you and your home’s disposition! xo


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