Q & A: any tips on how to “Feng Shui” your bathroom?

Q: “any tips on how to ‘Feng Shui’ your bathroom?”

A: bathrooms are one of those topics that quickly generate concern in certain Feng Shui conversations. why? energy attaches to moving water — and moving water is associated with money. so, a bathroom — with its drains and pipes — is often misunderstood as potentially “flushing” or “draining” prosperity energy.

want in on a little shui secret: there’s an easy fix! most people who’ve dabbled in shui have heard ‘keep the toilet seats down’, so that’s an excellent ‘starter’ adjustment.


let’s take this one step further. you’ve heard me talk about the Creative Cycle — where each of the 5 elements fuels another. Water helps Wood grow; Wood feeds a Fire; Fire burns out and creates ash / Earth; Earth compresses to create Metal; and Metal fortifies Water. if you reverse that cycle, you can also “read” how the elements ‘drain’ each other — keeping the predecessor’s energy in check.

what “weakens” draining Water energy in a bathroom? Wood.

not only does Wood counterbalance all that draining energy common in a bathroom, it refreshes the chi; it’s healthy (for both you and your home!); and it speaks to growth — personal, professional and financial. what’s not to LOVE here, right? 

so, how about a few of my favorite ways to “plant” Wood features in a bathroom?

i LOVE plants in a bathroom! and for anyone who thinks they don’t have a green thumb, a word: orchids. they LOVE bathroom temps and they’re incredibly low-maintenance (add an ice cube or two once a week, and voila!). any greenery is a practical and oh-so pretty shui solution.

woven baskets add Wood and keep your space organized!

a wood bath tray, wood framed mirrors, a wood stool by the tub or any wood accessories would get the job done well.

plant-based textures count, so go for linen or cotton towels / bathrobes.

Wood loves the hue-house of blues and greens.

a runner gives off Wood energy, so throw something lush underfoot!

vertically hung art / frames / towels / window coverings add Wood to the room.

photography, art, patterns or prints of trees, plants, flowers — any one introduces Wood. xo

/ photo by Stacey-Ann Blake of Design Addict Mom /


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