Q & A: is it possible to bring the romance back?

Q: “my husband and i are having relationship issues, but we want to try and make it work. the energy has been off for months, and we argue all the time. you can feel the tension in the air. is it possible (with shui) to bring back the romance in the relationship and harmony in the home?”

A: without seeing your space, my first instinct is to have you look for elemental imbalances. “arguing all the time” tells me there is a high chance the home is a predominantly Wood +/or Metal house – which usually presents in our stylistic, decor, and color preferences. the challenge with too much Wood is anger; and too much Metal leads to a sharp-tongued unwillingness to compromise. you can begin to counter that by introducing the element Fire to “consume” the excess Wood and “melt” the excess Metal. the element of Fire – via simple things like candles, wool or cashmere throws, or photographs of you both during happier times – will nourish you both with feelings of safety, “warmth,” and being more present with each other.

also, ensure there is fair representation to both your personalities throughout the home. if a home favors one person more, they subtly *hold* a home court advantage. meanwhile, the other partner feels less rooted, and, at times, invisible.

remove anything in your room that interferes with sensuality and romance – including work, laundry, workout equipment, +/or the kids’ photos (you don’t want them “watching you”!).

finally, buy 9 pink flowers for your bedroom to nuzzle romance energy. normally, Feng Shui advises things in pairs for the bedroom. however, 9 is a very active and energizing number, so this combo revs up LOVE energy. xo

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