Q: where should i *not* hang a mirror?

Q: are there any places you should never hang a mirror and if so, why?

A: there are a lot of nuances in Feng Shui – and even more when it comes to mirrors, so it is hard to give a specific checklist here. however, here are 5 situations i would avoid:

TIP ONE: a mirror reflecting clutter, neglect or anything that feels frustrating or discouraging to you is doubling that chi in your home (and life). resolve what it *sees* or move the mirror!

TIP TWO: if a mirror reflects your outside yard (or neighborhood), make sure what it *sees* is healthy. you don’t necessarily want to double the energy of struggling vegetation or a bare lot (suggestive of “nothing is happening”). likewise, be mindful of utility poles, electric wires, busy roads, or anything that you wouldn’t want to “invite” into your home.

TIP THREE: a mirror reflecting a toilet is a quick fix i highly recommend. if possible, shut the door if your bathroom mirror *captures* that view. toilets relate to the elimination of unwanted chi and they have a draining effect – two reasons to not amplify their energy.

TIP FOUR: i hesitate to share this one because i sometimes recommend this as a remedy for my clients, but…

a mirror directly across from your bed. every situation is unique and there are exceptions, but the rule of shui says this can create a portal for energy so you might have heard some practitioners suggest this makes us more susceptible to energetic interference while we’re sleeping.

others interpret this as “unwanted energy” in your relationship.

for me, mirrors are a chi enhancer – which means they enhance energy. so, if you are restless at night or have insomnia, the mirror reflecting you in bed is enhancing that experience. covering the mirror for a week is a good litmus test to see if it’s problematic or not.

and listen…

if you sleep soundly and have a mirror across from you, please scroll right past this suggestion!

TIP FIVE: this last suggestion is not necessarily a “never”, but it is worth mentioning…

be mindful that the bigger the mirror is, the more energy it generates. so, avoid having large mirrors in rooms where sleep, rest, settling down or quiet are desired. xo