rave reviews for the Group Consult

“i have been putting off sending the email because i haven’t really even known how to articulate things, but essentially, everything just feels like it has shifted to a whole different space thanks to the work that we did together in the spring. so many intangible little things have happened.

they have added up to career opportunities and wealth generation that was completely unexpected to me.

i will admit that i am stubborn and cynical about a lot of this kind of stuff, LOL. like, i want to believe it, but my over-intellectual analysis tells me it’s not possible. you made me a believer, and even though i have to continue to provide myself evidence of the power of this work, the tide has turned and i feel so grateful. thank you for that!”

yes. yes! YESSS!

ALL OF THIS is why i teach, share and encourage incorporating the wisdom of Feng Shui into your lifestyle.


i want you to understand WHY because once you do…

it can start to feel like you’re learning magic.

this “groupie” worked hard during the spring Group Consult. she asked Qs, shared where she was getting into knots, and i was able to give highly specific guidance for her home. and now? well, she is experiencing LIFE CHANGING results.

i say it all the time, but…

your house can change your life, and i want to show you HOW.

whether we work together 1:1 or you grab a seat in the next Group Consult (seats are going fast!), what i know for sure:

give me your undivided attention during class or a consult, and i’ll show you how to intentionally, deliberately, and purposely become the designer of your life and world! xo


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