ritual 04: the silver box “cure”

there are three Feng Shui rituals usually governing energy around here:
one, the front door is in minty fresh condition so energy always feels welcome.
two, there are fresh bloomies throughout our home.
and three, the silver box “cure” is employed in the Helpful People / Travel area of our home – and lucky you, i am sharing the details here today!

for this ritual, you need a silver box or envelope; a new red marker; a few notecard-size pieces of paper; and red string. (the red envelope featured here is optional.)
so, first things first – why the Helpful People / Travel area?
think of this gua’s energy as a portal for summoning and synchronizing both cosmic and earthly assistance when we need help.  
why a silver box?
the element most at home in this gua is Metal, so we use a silver box to hold / amplify our intention or request. the silver box can be one you buy, but it can also be a box you cover with aluminum foil so don’t feel like you need to purchase something new.
what’s with all the red – red marker / pen and red string?
red is an auspicious color that attracts positive energy. it also is associated with blood, so it “brings to life” whatever remedy or cure it’s paired with in shui. 
what’s the purpose of this ritual?
this remedy is a way of requesting a higher consciousness’s help orchestrating possibilities and opportunities on your behalf.
and with that, here’s how to bring this all together:
with your red marker / pen, write down on your pieces of paper what you would like to have manifest AS IF IT IS HAPPENING. personally, i like to write ‘I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR…’ statements, as if the magic has already occurred.
[note: clarity here is a power move, so no more than 2-3 requests at a time.]
once each vision statement is complete (one per piece of paper), fold or roll your piece of paper (so it will fit in the box) and wrap the red string around the note 108 times. while you wrap, stay focused on your goal. once you’re done wrapping, put each statement in the silver box. (alternatively, you can place your requests in a red envelope instead of wrapping each with string.)
[note: as opportunities blossom or your intentions shift, change the statements out.]
if your gratitude statements aren’t resonating or conjuring any hopeful tingles, use a prayer instead. i like this one, inspired by the book Writing Down Your Soul:

“Dear God / Universe / Source, I know you hear me.
I have no idea how you are going to do [it] this time, but I know – I KNOW – you provide for me now and always.
And all is well. Thank you in advance for [the miracles] you provide.”

get specific in that prayer, asking for exactly what you need and giving thanks for exactly what you are requesting.
this ritual releases our need to control circumstances, which makes us more receptive to perfectly-timed experiences and the right opportunities or people showing up!
so, any time you want to invite some help into your life, write down a statement of gratitude, do your shui magic, place it in the box, and allow the cosmos to organize accordingly. xo