simple shui | 5 instant mood lifters

two things i know for sure about change – whether we want to manifest some or we’re in the messy middle of it, change rarely goes the way we *think* it should. and while we have no control around HOW it happens, we do have plenty o’power to guide the energy associated with it.

in feng shui, there are 5 elements – and each has its own signature energy and superpower, so a little here + there can make the whole change process feel a little more carefree. why? the 5 elements are the original checks + balances. they nourish each other, and in that same exchange, they surrender some of their power to fuel each other. wood feeds fire; fire burns into ash/earth; earth compresses + creates metal; metal condenses + becomes mineral, fortifying water; and water gives life to wood. when all 5 are present in a space, our nervous system draws upon that collective strength and we immediately feel better. and when we feel better, positive change is inevitable! so, how about a little currency for negotiating any change on your horizon?

at the beginning of each week or a new project, ask yourself: WHAT IS REQUIRED OF ME?

if you feel a need to replenish, add WATER. water quenches our thirsts + it allows for reflection.

if you need to initiate more, add WOOD. wood – think plants + trees – literally gives us oxygen, so it’s like taking a fresh breath and feeling a heightened sense of vitality.

if you need to be out in the world – mixing + mingling + meeting people, add FIRE. fire is the magic that distinguishes us from all other living creatures, and it conjures up excitement and connection.

if you need to ground yourself, EARTH is the motherboard of stability – we can rely on her to give us ground to stand on.

and if you want to think more deeply, add METAL. metal is the stuff of alchemy + stardust + cosmic two-stepping.

so, where do you begin? each element has a kaleidoscope of expressions, but let’s keep this easy and instantly gratifying.

if you need WATER, drink more water; dress in loose, flowing clothing; or give yourself more room to spread out creatively.

add in WOOD by taking walks along tree-lined paths or trails; dressing in athletic wear; or dedicating a space to start and manage a project to fruition.

play with more FIRE by inviting others over for lingering conversations over dinner; wearing silks +/or satins; or sitting around an outdoor fire and watching the flames dance.

soak up EARTH energy by walking barefoot or standing in the grass for at least 5 minutes a day; taking a pottery class; or going for a walk and collecting stones to bring home and place in a bowl.

embrace METAL by watching the night sky; feeling the winds pass through your energy field; or reading more {if you don’t normally read much} and reading less {if you’re always with a book}.

playing with the 5 elements is a simple way to nourish ourselves while dealing with the drama often riding shotgun with change. every time we do something with the intention of improving our lives, we bring a new level of consciousness into our space and self that didn’t exist previously. so, have fun with the elements; go full throttle with the rituals that sound alluring; and if you want to learn more, oh baby, have i got a workbook for YOU!